R3 Trade Rearview


Other than a magical 2012 season it is looking like the RG3 trade was a big mistake.

Although……One could argue that it really didnt matter. You may call me crazy but if I could go back…..I would do it again as the Redskins.

2012 was pretty awesome. Redskins won the division and had some truly magical moments.

This guy sums it up pretty well: RG3 Almost Saved Washington, And Then He Didn’t


So 2012 was a straight pick swap for the Rams/Redskins.

People like to say the Redskins gave up 3 1sts and a 2nd.

You are not giving up a 1st if you get one in return.

If I have 1 cheeseburger and I give you that plus 2 more cheeseburgers for your triple cheeseburger, I still have a cheeseburger.


Anyway 2012. Rams got Janoris Jenkins who is pretty awful:

The Rams have opened extension talks with contract-year CB Janoris Jenkins.
Jenkins, who turns 27 in October, is owed just over $1 million in salary and bonuses this season, the final year on his rookie deal. Jenkins looked like a future shutdown corner at Florida early in his college career, but has been an up-and-down disappointment with the Rams. Jenkins graded out 50th among 110 qualifiers in Pro Football Focus’ cornerback ratings
They also traded back some more and acquired Michael Brockers who is maybe worth a 5th round pick:
Brockers, the 14th overall pick in 2012, has been about as “meh” as possible with the Rams, simply being average both as a run stopper and pass rusher.

They also traded way back in the draft and picked up awful Isiah Pead

It remains stunning that Pead has yet to be released. Pead has been a comprehensive bust since the Rams selected him with the No. 50 overall pick of the 2012 draft. He’s unlikely to survive until final cuts in training camp.


Wait…they did some more stellar wheeling and dealing to grab Rokevius Watkins

Sorry…No quote. Guy played in 3 NFL games and was god awful. He is no longer in the NFL and busted for substance abuse.

So 2012 they basically netted an awful DB and a backup LB. “What a haul”

2013 was awful for pretty much every team in the draft.

Lets see who the Rams grabbed with their RG3 booty.

Rams traded Falcons and got 3 picks for the Redskins spot. With the first one they bafflingly selected a LB which was far and away not a position of need. Alec Ogletree

This is probably the only player who has a chance of developing into something. Ogletree was credited with 117 tackles and six forced fumbles last year, but had just 1.5 sacks.

Still, he isnt a playmaker on that defense and it was clearly not a position of need. With the Rams WR squad it was puzzling why offense wasnt drafted.

Wait….with the 2nd pick they got from the Falcons they grabbed awful Stedman Bailey  Bailey isn’t very big, but has a good pair of hands. He’ll be a nice complementary piece for the Rams, but is best suited for a slot role as a No. 3 receiver

Bailey wouldnt even have a roster spot on most NFL teams. He is on the Rams because the Rams are horrendous at WR.

3rd pick they took Zac Stacy who was released by the team.

Hes on the Jets now who are starting Chris Ivory as their 1 RB…..Stacy is 4th and probably will not make the team.

There is your 2013 for the Rams “big score”. They grabbed a poor mans Riley Cooper, a released RB, and a fill in LB.

On to the final year 2014.

Rams didnt trade around because Clowney was selected 1 overall and no one wanted anyone else.

They got Greg Robinson.

Lets see what stellar things they have to say about this guy (who still has next to no starts 2 years in and has struggled mightily):

Robinson has been pulling double duty all camp, working as the starting left guard and also getting time at his eventual position — left tackle. He hasn’t been good in the first two preseason games, giving up one sack, one quarterback hit and one quarterback hurry on just 66 snaps.

The No. 2 overall pick of last May’s draft, Robinson served as the Rams’ left tackle for the final nine games of 2014, and generally got dominated.

Hmmm….looks like a bust for the 2 pick. Glad the Skins missed out on that guy.

Lets count playoff appearances since Trade:

Redskins 1

Rams 0

Lets count winning seasons since Trade:

Redskins 1

Rams 0

Lets count Division Titles since Trade:

Redskins 1

Rams 0


Yeah….you got me. What a horrible decision by the Redskins. I mean I only had one of the best years of my life as a Redskins fan that season but we sure could use the pack of nobodies and losers the Rams got instead.

In short…I dont want your pity party about it. Wipe that smirk off your face Jeff Fisher/Rams fans. You didn’t “win”.

I will always remember that season. I will always remember the feeling I had on Thanksgiving that year.

I will always be thankful for RG3.



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